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"I have found my treatments with Christine the highlight of the week. I do ask lots of questions and Christine always answers them and e-mails me extra information if needed. I always feel really cared for. Thank you." W.G.
"As someone who has felt at a low ebb with a mix of ailments, I have found Christine’s reflexology treatments hugely restorative. The reflexology treatments are strengthening and healing and I always feel Chris is able to work on those areas that need it most. This may be my sore hip or feeling stressed. I always come away feeling uplifted." A.I.

"Christine is a down to earth, friendly person who made me feel at ease from the start. She has a professional yet friendly approach and this coupled with extensive knowledge and a natural talent for reflexology contributes towards an insightful and supportive treatment, that left me refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world". R.R.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reflexology sessions. I hadn’t known what to expect but was totally astonished at my first session when you were able to pinpoint four things that were relevant and a problem. I saw you at a time when I was really struggling to cope and the sessions helped enormously. Apart from it being the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced (to the point of almost falling asleep), it also made me re-evaluate my life. I guess it’s easy to deny that there is a problem until someone suggests otherwise. I never knew you could learn so much from your feet. Thank you so much for turning my life around. I will always be very grateful to you. Best wishes." L.W.

"Christine is a very wonderful person. She is extra thoughtful, kind and her natural sensitivity and talented hands enable her to get fantastic reflexology treatments. I am very grateful for all the great treatments I got from Christine. They provided me with relaxation through the end of my pregnancy. Six months after my baby was born, I am very happy still having regular sessions with Christine as they bring me calm and peace, which is a benefit for myself … and so, for my family! Thank you so much Christine for being like a beam of light that shines on the other person." Love C.L.H.N.

"I have found Christine's reflexology treatments to be wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. I always leave feeling calm and relaxed with a clear mind. Christine has a thorough knowledge of reflexology and also uses her gift of intuition within treatments. She has a gentle, encouraging approach which I find very nurturing. I would highly recommend Christine as a reflexologist." A.J. 

"Hi Christine, treatment must have been awesome. Woke up today and cannot even find the tiniest shred of anger: just lots of gratitude!!! Result! Many thanks to you." AK
(after reflexology session working on anger and hurt)

"Just wanted to say Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Really enjoyed our session. Slept sooo well last night and feeling really good this morning. Feel lighter and really positive about the future. Amazing stuff."


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