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My Story

I did my training with the Bath Reflexology Centre and received an ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology. I am also fully insured and a member of the AOR (Association of Reflexologists). I am also Reiki 1 and 2 trained and use this healing energy during reflexology treatments. I am a qualified and experienced EFT therapist. 



My passion for holistic therapies started many years ago when I was experiencing health problems and found that I did not get much further with conventional medical health, symptoms would just disappear and come back again. This has led me onto a path of trying out various different holistic therapies, which has helped me understand how much our mind and body are linked together.

Quite a few years years ago, I was given a German book on MET (which I translated as)  "How to knock yourself free".   I was totally intrigued from the moment I read this book, sensing a great potential in this weird and wonderful therapy called MET, which is very similar to EFT.  I decided to learn how to use EFT on myself, friends and family and later on decided to become an EFT practitioner.  I am still amazed sometimes, how quickly negative emotions can be transformed into something positive and empowering.

Reflexology to me is equally a wonderful and powerful therapy, a great tool for balancing mind and body. I find both practising as well as receiving this therapy a great pleasure. One of the most rewarding experiences I keep making is that I consistently find clients reporting back to me that they have been feeling more relaxed, more positive about their lives and having more energy.

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